omg, press play. wait for the beat to drop. 

this is just lovely

This was a pleasant surprise.

the sweetest and saddest ambient beat remix of anything ever

so if i could make an album like this i would. but i can’t so i am sorry. 

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artwork for my new album

artwork for my new album

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Theme from Firefly done in ‘chiptunes’ style. some how this is my most famous song…aint that how it goes.




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forcing people to listen to my music when I’m driving


forcing people to listen to my music anytime. and i mean the music i make muwahahahahaha

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do you want me in your tomodachi life game? i bet you do…

do you want me in your tomodachi life game? i bet you do…

My newest release! it’s fun! and yeah! some wonderful person even had this to say about it:

"The notes for this album say that the idea for this album came in a dream - and it lives up to those origins.
Spaceman Fantastique is known for artfully portraying musical stories throughout his catalog, and ‘A Thousand Days and a Day’ does not disappoint. The entire album is something like a surrealist oil painting of a four panel comic strip - each track is distinct and complete in-and-of itself, yet they each flow into each other, building on the images and atmospheres of each preceding song.
‘Into the City’, ‘Underground’, ‘Rooftop View’…the track titles reflect the imagery of each song, but goes beyond being just ambient music and conveys a flowing sense of activity and feeling. It almost feels like this album could be the score to the yet-unreleased James Cameron ‘Battle Angel Alita’ movie.
The production quality and arrangements are professional and accessible. The high frequency tones sparkle like lights on a computer motherboard or the windows of a futuristic city. The low frequency tones buzz and vibrate without distorting or shrieking. You truly get the sense that this is a thoughtfully crafted and personal album, as it evokes emotion and conjures cyberpunk images of a dream from some far off post-apocalyptic future.

You wanna know what it sounds like when androids dream of electric
sheep and imagine what it’s like to imagine ?

Listen here.

An impressive and enjoyable effort from a true creative luminary and real presence on the chipmusic scene.”

did you know that this past friday i released a nice free mini-album? cause i did. that is a true fact. a true fact for you.  enjoy that fact. 

Remake/mix of the Main Theme to Chrono Trigger…such a good fucking track…really loved working on this one.

night time variant of my shitty satellite gif

night time variant of my shitty satellite gif

just posted a bunch of new cover things.

go listen.

right now.

and later.

and tell your friends.

and your dad.

cause there is a dad joke in there too.

for the dads.

future? i guess?

i have a bunch of stuff i would love to post..but i feel like i shouldn’t ruin the surprise…

that just how it is sometimes, i guess…

satellite gif! yay! this took for-fucking-ever to do…i need to find a better way to do this…

also sorry its a link. its fucking huge and tumblr wont let me upload it.



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